Instructions for Your Executor/Contact

Designate one Executor OR Contact  and provide (and keep updated) instructions such as where to locate important documents/items, who to notify upon your passing, service wishes, etc.  (even if you have a legal Executor, you can designate someone else as a Contact) 

You have not yet set up someone to receive these instructions.

Location of important items & documents

(Savings bonds, diamond rings, titles, insurance policies etc., & safe box information)
  • You have not yet specified the location of items and documents for your exectutor/contact.

Who to Notify & Contact Information

  • You have not yet set up who to notify for your executor/contact.

Memorial Service Wishes

  • You have not yet set up your service wishes for your executor/contact.

Other Instructions

  •   You have not yet created general instructions for your executor/contact.